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The Power of Two, No Depression

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PrimalScream Music Releases The Power of Two Soundtrack

Posted by Jessie Nagel

PrimalScream Music is proud to release the beautiful and evocative soundtrack for The Power of Two, the critically acclaimed documentary surrounding the importance of organ transplantation featuring songs by leading indie bands and artists. PrimalScream Music’s Creative Director Nicole Dionne, who curated and produced the film’s soundtrack, has produced The Power of Two Soundtrack CD with music by noted artists Juliette Commagere, Sara Melson, Gus Black, Haroula Rose, Tim Easton, Bancock Starters, Remy Zero, Mindy Gledhill and Gram Rabbit. A percentage of all CD sales will benefit The Power of Two National Outreach & Community Engagement Campaign. Buy it here:



The CD release concurs with a tour of the film, which premiered at the Oscar-qualifying DocuWeeks and will screen at festivals and specialty screenings throughout the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. In addition to the link above, the soundtrack will be available for sale at all screenings.



For PrimalScream Music founder/Creative Director Nicole Dionne, the decision to produce and release the CD was driven by a commitment to the cause and the impact music has inspiring change. Nicole was so moved by the stories highlighted in The Power of Two that her perception of organ donation changed from an act of attrition to that of a life-giving gift.



Directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Marc Smolowitz, The Power of Two documentary is a riveting portrait of the bond between twin sisters, their battle with the fatal genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis and miraculous survival through double lung transplants. The film also features other people in need of life saving transplants. Following the film’s completion, one of The Power of Two’s wait list subjects, Anna Modlin, had a complicated transplant recovery. Dionne sent her the film’s soundtrack as a healing message and ultimately introduced Modlin to singer Sara Melson, in an emotional and heartfelt meeting at the World Premiere screening of the film. It was through this series of events that the soundtrack release was conceived.
“It was a deeply humbling experience to have my music provide hope and an uplifting message to the film’s audience and its brave subjects,” comments Sara Melson. “It was a reminder of why I became a songwriter – that there is transformative power in words and music. I hope both the film and the soundtrack CD help to highlight this important issue.”



“Each of the musicians saw new life and meaning spring from hearing their songs in the documentary The Power of Two,” adds Nicole Dionne, “which speaks to the idea of giving a part of yourself so that others may live. The music supports an incredibly powerful film. It also helped the healing process. Experiencing both firsthand, I knew that a soundtrack release could help this worthy cause.”



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